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11x16 Control Room, 11x12 Isolation Room, Machine Room, Outdoor patio area, Gated facility


Spectrum cable internet: 939Mbps download, 23+Mbps upload via direct Ethernet

Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

(High Sierra OS10.13.6)

Pro Tools 2018.12 Ultimate (HDX)

192i/o, 96i, Control|24 console

Logic Pro X (10.4.4)

Waves Gold 10
Izotope Ozone 8
Izotope Ozone 7
Izotope RX5
Izotope Nectar
Dozens of other popular plugins Melodyne Studio 

Antares AutoTune Pro N.I. Komplete Kontrol


Dangerous Monitor ST Genelec 8040b
Event 20/20p
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
JBL LSR2310SP subwoofer AKG and Vic Firth headphones

SJC Custom Drum Kit with Soultone Cymbals (birch snare/maple kick, rack and floor toms), DW pedals mic’d with SM57s, Beta 52As, AT4041 condenser overheads

Yamaha U3 Professional Upright Studio Piano

Mic’d with SM57s (left, right) and AKG C3000 condenser (center) through tube preamps and A-Designs HM2 Compressor NAIL

AEA R44CXe ribbon mic Neumann TLM103 (original) Shure Super55
Blue Yeti Pro (XLR and USB) Marshall Class 5 amp Fender Champ amp

Studio Iso Specs: STC 60+, Lamvin professional custom designed acoustics, Professional studio wall construction


A-Designs Ventura solid state preamp A-Designs HM2 Compressor NAIL A-Designs REDDI
ART Pro Channel (2)

Universal Audio LA-2A
Digimax D8
Line 6 pod bean 2.0
Apogee Big Ben (Master Digital Clock) Switchcraft Studio Patch 9625

Rupert Neve Designs MBP Portico II

Client Laptop hookups available:

1/4” bal L/R to Monitoring (from your interface—Apogee Quartet, Apollo Twin, etc.) 1/8” “mini-jack” stereo to Monitoring
HDMI to large monitor (video) as 2nd screen to your laptop
BNC to Apogee word clock

USB (2) Hub with 4 slots (for your iLok, etc.)
Kensington Pro USB trackball
Bluetooth or wired (Pro Tools) keyboard
Access to USB microphone OR outboard gear and studio mics via patchbay Talkback to Iso Room via Control|24 console

Very fast WiFi