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Published December 2019 (First Edition, Focal Press - Routledge, AES)

Written by Leslie Gaston-Bird

Women in Audio features almost 100 profiles and stories of audio engineers who are women and have achieved success throughout the history of the trade. Beginning with a historical view, the book covers the achievements of women in various audio professions and then focuses on organizations that support and train women and girls in the industry. What follows are eight chapters divided by discipline, highlighting accomplished women in various audio fields: radio; sound for film and television; music recording and electronic music; hardware and software design; acoustics; live sound and sound for theater; education; audio for games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, as well as immersive sound. This book is the first of its kind. Catharine Wood is featured in Chapter 4.

Catharine Wood Ari Herstand Female Producers Article
Brassy Broadcast Catharine Wood Interview

Interviewed in November 2015 by April Duran of Raghouse Radio. See link for full interview (Episode 28).

Catharine Wood is considered by Ari Herstand to be a leading Female Producer in the industry - listed in his "Female Producers You Need To Know" piece - as a response to Billboard's article on "Where Are All The Female Producers". Wood is listed alongside Bjork, Ester Dean, Linda Perry, Sylvia Massy, Wendy & Lisa and more. See link for full article and complete list.

Published August 2018 by - this article, written by Los Angeles-based Music Supervisor, Rosie Howe, highlights Catharine Wood as a rare producer, composer and engineer.

Leslie Gaston-Bird Catharine Wood Interview


Published July 2018 by and August 2018 by the Hollywood Music In Media Awards - this article, written by Catharine Wood, addresses statistics and equality for women in music.

Interviewed in November 2016 by Jenn Edds of The Brassy Broadcast. See link for full interview.

Catharine Wood is listed by as a leading Engineer & Producer in their Next Generation list of 35 women in music from around the world. See link for full profile and interview.

The editorial team at VoyageLA Magazine interviewed Catharine in July 2019, featuring her in their new series The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative - celebrating female role models, encouraging more equal and just representation in the media, and helping foster a community to help women find mentors, business partners and more.

Published in 2016 by, this article, by Catharine Wood, addresses how the free streaming platforms and lack of credits to creators on streaming sites is contributing to a systemic devaluing of music despite its ubiquitousness in society.

April Duran Catharine Wood Women In Music Interview

Interviewed in March 2017 by Audio Engineer Society's VP Western USA/Canada, Leslie Gaston-Bird. See link for full interview.

Catharine Wood NextGeneration 5% Engineer Producer Composer
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